Many people consider hemp seeds to be a superfood. The seeds have a rich nutritional profile and provide a range of health benefits.

Although hemp seeds come from the Cannabis sativa plant, they do not produce a mind-altering effect.

These little, earthy coloured seeds are wealthy in protein, fiber, and restorative unsaturated fats, including omega-3s and omega-6s. They have cancer prevention agent impacts and may lessen manifestations of various sicknesses, working on the wellbeing of the heart, skin, and joints.

Hemp seeds are a rich wellspring of supplements. Some portion of the hemp plant, these seeds are actually a nut that can be eaten crude or used to make milk, oil, cheddar substitutes, or protein powder.

Hemp seeds' nutty flavor and adaptability likewise make them an extraordinary substitute for the degrees of protein, fundamental unsaturated fats, and other dietary advantages found in meat and dairy items.

The seeds are extremely nutritious and high in protein, magnesium, great fats, calcium iron and battles cholesterol develop. hemp seeds can be toasted and added to servings of mixed greens, flapjacks, breads thus considerably more. the hemp oil can be utilized for cook as well with respect to salad dressings.

The whole marijuana plant is a rich and modest wellspring of fiber and this fiber is utilized to make garments, packs, shoes and a ton of top-of-the-line producers use it to make inside great boards of the vehicles. Hemp fiber is likewise used to make sound evidence material for insides.



  1. Red Chilli – 2
  2. Cumin – 2 tea spoons
  3. Hemp Seeds – 1 Cup
  4. Garlic Clove – 1
  5. Mint Leaves – few Sprigs
  6. Coriander – few sprigs
  7. Lemon Juice – 2 tbsp
  8. Salt – to taste
  9. Water – a dash



In a pan dry roast the chilies & cumin seeds for 2mins. Add the Hemp seeds and dry roast them till they start making a popping sound and get a nutty taste. remove to a grinder and add the remaining ingredients and grind it to a thick paste. Refrigerate & serve.

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