If Tossing, turning over bed and staring at the ceiling is becoming your worst nightmare, then we have some good news for you!

Enter, Swoonworthy Lavender Tea, your answer to all those troubling sleep problems, it eases your nervous system helping you fall asleep faster than ever. 

Thanks to the magical effects of this Lavender Tea, you don’t have to compromise on your beauty sleep and end up as a groggy mess with a dull pale face, puffy eyes and dark circles.

Well, Now you know Lavender Tea works wonders for you, Read on to find out how it is made?


What does Lavender tea taste like?

Dream Time: You imagine yourself walking down the field of fragrant Lavender fields of Provence, soaking in all the beauty at once, and then you realise it was just a dream.

If that seems too out of your pocket, take to sipping this violent-tinged Lavender tea and experience its miraculous healing powers and immense beauty benefits.

Don’t know how to make it, Let us be your guide, here you go!

No wonder like any other herbal tea, it’s quite a breeze to brew it, all you need is a cup of water, dried lavender buds, a strainer and an infuser.

With no added sugar, it's the perfect way to infuse a cocktail with lavender flavour without adding sweetness, and brewing it will help release all the oils and floral notes of lavender.


Step 1: Heat Water to a rolling Boil

Take a medium sized teapot, fill it with filtered, purified, or spring water and let it boil.Avoid using tap water or distilled water when brewing teas because it can alter flavour profile and prevent tea leaves and flower buds from infusing floral notes completely.


Step 2: Steep Lavender Flowers

Add the lavender flowers to a tea ball, tea infuser, or tea sachet and place it inside the teapot carefully. Time to Leave the flower buds in the teapot for 10 minutes to steep.


Step 3: Serve and Enjoy

Remove the lavender buds and the tea tools from the kettle. Carefully pour the hot water into teacups and enjoy the crisp, floral taste of simple lavender tea. 

You can drink it hot or cold and it tastes fantastic sweetened with honey or lavender syrup, we call it Lavender honey Tea.

Enjoy it the way you want, we book lovers usually settle down with a book in hand and a cup of this relaxing lavender tea, and Forget everything about our noisy, busy routine, and all the troubles of the day. 

This soothing herbal tea tastes subtly floral and smells heavenly with so many  potential health benefits like better sleep, flawless skin, glowing tresses (Hairs), and relieves anxiety when you may be stressed out.