POV: Just Imagine, You are running late for work and you want to have something really quick, so that you don’t faint even before you reach.

What if we give you just that, here is a list of some easy-to-make breakfast meals that leaves you feeling nourished and wanting for more!

From scrumptious bowls of Chia Pudding to Super Seeds chocolate smoothie, these mouth-watering delectable meals are on the table in 30 minutes or less, without much effort.

Not just that, Skip the added, refined sugars and devour these delicious sugar-free vegan treats instead!

They are easy to make and undetectably healthier because cutting out on refined sugars but that doesn't mean giving up on all those heavenly chocolate treats right?

So what are you waiting for? Clock is ticking, and remember you are running late, jump straight to the list, prepare it well and enjoy!

Start your day right, even if you are short of time!

      1. Power Bread With Sunflower Seeds, Flax Seeds, and Pumpkin Seeds

If you are someone who loves baking, then this nutrient-dense delicious bread is worth trying!

All you need is a food processor, a bowl, your baking tins, and just 15 minutes of your time.

      2. Super Seeds Chocolate Smoothie

This creamy-crunchy chocolate smoothie is thickened with chia seeds and gets its sweetness from chocolate cacao nibs or chocolate chips with berries on top.

These tiny chia seeds add omega-3 fats, protein, and fiber to this rich, chocolaty treat.

For best results, grind the chia ahead of time in a clean coffee grinder or spice mill and while making it you can also add finely grounded espresso for an extra boost.

      3. Super Seed Energy Balls with Hemp, pumpkin, flax and sunflower seeds

These little adorable balls of energy are enriched with so many vitamins and minerals, giving your body everything it needs.

The seeds in this recipe ensure that you receive a good dose of all the essential amino acids, and come up top for omega-3 – an essential fat that is excellent for heart and brain function.

To make it quickly, grab all the seeds and grind them coarsely in a food processor. Add in dates, raisin, more Flax Seeds, coconut and give it a mix until they combine well.

Take a small chunk and roll them into balls, pop it into the fridge to let them become firm, or eat it right away.

      4. Chocolate Chia pudding

Coolest thing about this pudding is, you can easily portion it out into medium-sized Mason jars, drizzled with your favorite toppings, and then just grab-and-go to wherever you are heading for!

This no-bake pudding is beneficial because it can prolong hydration, slow down digestion, and keep you feeling full for longer.

First thing first, take soy milk, Chia seeds, agave, cocoa powder, vanilla extract, and salt, and whisk them together in a medium bowl.

Let it sit for 30 minutes, and then again whisk it to recombine Chia Seeds and refrigerate.

Finish it off, with some shredded coconut, strawberries and chocolate chips for an even prettier presentation.

      5. DIY Flax Milk

This flax milk recipe is home-made and an absolute perfection- it’s smooth, creamy, and appetizing. An added bonus is- it’s far expensive when made at home and requires just two ingredients.

Add 1/4 cup flax seeds, 3 cups of water, and a pinch of salt to the blender cup. Blend for 10-15 seconds- yes that’s all you need!

Optionally, to make it more yum yum, flavor as you see fit with Vanilla essence, maple syrup, or a pinch of Cinnamon.

      6. Veggie Quinoa Bowl

Who doesn't love a bowl full of veggies and healthy quinoa, a deliciously indulgent match made in heaven.

It contains a mix of raw or roasted veggies, protein packed nuts, seeds, tofu, and quinoa and a beautiful vegan cream swirl finishes the bowl of goodness with a unique signature.

You can play around with the recipe by mixing up the veggies, grains, nuts and seeds, with whatever you have on hand.


To put it best, move over nuts, because seeds are the holy grail of plant foods. They are tiny, little and easily overlooked, but let me shout out from the hilltops that “Seeds are nature's best superfoods you can’t afford to overlook”.

These sugar-free meals are perfect for any time of the day, so get-up and put a smile on your loved one’s faces by waking them up to these breakfast options.