Roses are everywhere, whether you spritz it all over you or have to give your someone special a bouquet, turns out you can't get enough of it.

So, If you are like me, always fascinated by roses and still can’t get enough of them. Then, we have something for you about Rose Green Tea, which everyone is gushing about!

With a taste laced with sweet floral notes, light-yellow colored texture, and distinctive aroma of rose, Rose green tea is an admirable blend worth trying.

Should I say more or are you convinced!

Anyway before you jump into sipping it right after this. Let us tell you how it is gonna taste like.

Pure rose heavenly mesmerizing taste, what else do you want!

We can already hear a silent yay!

Rose Green Tea: lookdown on its flavors

This mild infusion is balm for your body, calming down your nerves and the gut. Its soothing properties aid digestion and promote better sleep. Zero caffeine. Perfect any time of the day.

Ingredients: Dried petals of Indian rose (Gulab) + Green Tea + Aromatic Spices

Taste notes: Just Imagine! What happens when sweet, floral notes of rose petals meet mild bitterness of green tea: It makes up the best flavor combination you can think of!

With each sip, It gives you a soothing and refreshing feel that leaves a tingling sensation and enlightens you up when you may be feeling all under the weather.

It’s no secret that, not only does it have a luscious and ample mouthfeel, rose petals add a mild, mellow aroma to the intense, complex flavors of green tea, to make a well balanced cup.

Bringing them together, this tea is a fragrant, soothing delight – like a nostalgic melody on a rainy afternoon. 

If weight loss is your top goal- This one's for you!

Who says if it’s tasty, it can’t be healthy. Rose green tea has everything you need to stay healthy.  It races up your metabolism, so that you burn more fat than before, thereby a slim-fit body you wanted to flaunt since forever…Insta-worthy pictures are all you have now!

Rose Green Tea for Forever young you!

Roses are bursting with vitamins and essential fatty acids, so why shouldn’t you be reaping its full anti-aging benefits? A cup of Rose Green Tea is enough to hydrate your skin, make it plump and iron out those wrinkles and fine lines. 

These all-year-round blooms also have healing properties - so, any damage your skin has undergone over the years will be undone when you will have this magical potion everyday!

Solace in the evening after an overwhelming day!

The flowers of love - Roses are always relished by everyone. It tastes like the magical essence of romance on a cozy winter evening and can be had in any form. Rose lovers have enjoyed it in the form of sharbat, ice cream, and milkshakes; had it with whipped cream, and chocolates. 

Now, try it with tea. A special assortment from Moksa - Expect Miracles, this refreshing drink is a zero-caffeine blend with chunks of dried rose petals which makes this brew a rich source of vitamin C, manganese and potassium.

The antioxidants and phytochemicals in roses help reduce inflammation of the joints, and reduce the incidence of heart diseases. Have it warm, or chilled as a base for cocktails and mocktails, just the way you like it!