Imagine you have a bunch of flowers, and you have to pick the most fragrant one, it has to be Jasmine period! and what better way to have it than a freshly brewed tea after a long day at work.

The best part? You can easily brew it yourself at home, and don’t blame us if you fall in love with it, because this deliciously sweet, sensually scented tea is so mind blowing that it would be hard not to fall in love with it.

Think of it as a perfect complement to hours spent luxuriously reading a book, planning a romantic trip, Or, if you’re like me, simply celebrating the fact that you made it another day without face planting in the muddy pastures.

What is Jasmine flower tea, and what are its benefits!

Jasmine flower tea is exotically scented, delicately flavoured caffeinated tea made by combining jade green tea leaves with highly fragrant notes of jasmine flowers.

Remember when you used to walk by a garden, it’s the intense floral scent of jasmine that used to hold you back, and you couldn't resist stopping by and sniffing that refreshing scent.

Well, same goes with its taste, it carries the same aromas and flavours when served as a tea, it’s sweet, floral, and rich (Thanks to its green tea base), Then best for summers, credit goes its tropical, refreshing, and restorative properties oh we are not done yet but never mind, you get the gist.

Coming to the health benefits it provides, from keeping your heart healthy to helping you lose weight, and even preventing cancer, we’ll honestly take a while to exhaust the list of jasmine tea benefits.

Well Now, it’s time to make it in the best way possible!

P.S: Be prepared to be swooned!

How to brew a cup of Jasmine Tea


All you need is a fresh jasmine flowers buds


Firstly, put about 2 teaspoons of Jasmine Flower Tea in the mug.
Let it simmer and steep for 4-5 minutes while keeping the cup covered.
Strain it gently, drink, and enjoy!

Short on time? Looking for a way to pack more nutrients into your day, now you know it!

Prepared in under 10 minutes, powered by antioxidants and Vitamins, the best thing about a jasmine tea is that unlike processed fruit juices, freshly brewed flower tea retains the nutritional benefits of the raw flowers.

So, it's calm during the storm, medicine for your stress, and a relaxant for your body, what more a tea lover can ask for!