Best way to scare away summers is soak in the goodness of real fruits like Lychee that are refreshing, sweet, and oh-so cool!

What better way to have lychee, when you can just sip it in a tea! With small bits and fragments  of whitish pink-colored pulpy fruit, mixed with smoky rawness of black tea, it keeps your dehydration at bay, and gives you the boost of nutrients right in your cup.

Get ready for a taste explosion with this juicy, tropical lychee Black Tea!

Scroll down to find all the deets about this wonderful tea infusion!

What is Lychee Black tea and How does it taste?

Lychee black tea is a stunning dark pink brew blended with baked lychee fragments, that provides a sensational taste of warm, summery deliciousness and a plethora of benefits.

It has a strong Lychee flavour, with a brisk mouthfeel, sweetness and mellow, smooth taste from black tea.

Health benefits of Lychee black tea

Lychee black tea offers more than just a delicious burst of flavours, as no short of a wonder, this tea also offers plenty of benefits, health conscious people swear by!

Let’s delve into each one of them right here!

Supercharge your body with Vitamin-C

The pulp of this delicately sweet tropical fruit is loaded with Vitamin C, antioxidants, phytonutrients and minerals, so when it is brewed as a black tea, that will give your body its boost of Vitamin-C.

P.S : Make it taste better by adding a little bit of honey.

This Tea is secret of my Energy

This black tea contains caffeine that may help boost your energy. Caffeine acts as a stimulant speeding up communication between our brain and body, making us feel more alert. 

Although levels are much lower than in a regular cup of coffee, still avoid it if you are sensitive to caffeine or before sleeping time.