Butterfly pea flower, an ingredient often featured in cocktails, cosmetics, and herbal tea blends, is known for its brilliant blue hue. Health and diet circles have recently studied butterfly pea flower for its antioxidant content and healthy properties. In particular, some studies suggest that butterfly pea flower may help ensure skin and hair health, promote weight loss, and reduce blood sugar levels.


What is Butterfly Pea Flower?

Butterfly pea ( Clitoria ternatea) is a plant native to Asia. You may recognize it by its striking, vibrant blue flowers. It is also rich in anthocyanins, which are the antioxidant compounds responsible for its unique color. For this reason, manufacturers may use butterfly pea flowers in cosmetics or as a natural dye for foods, drinks, and textiles. The flowers are also commonly brewed into an herbal tea, often alongside ingredients like lemongrass, honey and lemon. When the acidity of the pea flower tea changes, the color changes as well. This quality makes the butterfly pea flower a popular ingredient among mixologists for specialty cocktails.


Health Benefits of Butterfly Pea Flowers:

  • Supports Skin and Hair Health:

Cosmetic manufacturers boast about butterfly pea flowers’ effectiveness in everything from skincare serums to hair mists and shampoos. According to a 2021 study, butterfly pea extract may increase your skin hydration by 70% one hour after topical application.

The butterfly pea flower contains a rich array of antioxidants, which may also be beneficial for promoting hair and skin health.

Still, more research is needed to fully understand how butterfly pea flowers may affect your hair and skin.


  • May Help in Weight Loss:

Some studies even suggest that butterfly pea flower may aid in weight loss efforts.

Butterfly pea flower extract may slow the formation of fat cells by regulating certain pathways involved in cell progression, according to one test-tube study. Some older test-tube and animal studies have found that ternatins, which are found in butterfly pea flower, may also block the synthesis of fat cells in your body. Further research is necessary to evaluate how butterfly pea flower may impact your weight when worked into your diet.


  • Help Stabilize Blood Sugar Level:

Studies indicate that butterfly pea flower may reduce your risk of diabetes and related symptoms.

In one study, 15 men who drank a beverage containing butterfly pea flower extract had higher antioxidant levels and lower blood sugar and insulin levels than those who consumed a sugar-sweetened beverage. Moreover, an animal study found that administering butterfly pea flower extract to rats with diabetes significantly reduced their blood sugar levels compared with a control group. One study even reported that the antioxidant properties of butterfly pea flower may protect against cell damage and complications related to diabetes. However, additional studies are needed to determine how butterfly pea flower may impact your long-term blood sugar control.



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