Whenever you hear Cannabis and hemp, you tend to think that they are the same, but are they? Well, to a certain extent no, as hemp is a variety of Cannabis Sativa plant that contains very little THC, which makes it a non-psychoactive and harmless and it is OK to consume it recreationally and destigmatize its use.

Other than that, hemp had remained one of the most misunderstood plants that now had been shown in the bright positive spotlight. To reflect this positive progress, myths surrounding this Hemp Nutritional Powerhouse were demystified and decluttered by experts thereby revolutionizing the way it is seen.

There lie endless possibilities in a bag full of hemp products, which gives you a feel-good experience without getting you high!

Let’s explore one by one all these products that are designed to satiate the desire, taste, and comfort of everyone!


1. What are Hemp Whole seeds?

Rest | Recovery | Relief with these crunchy, nutrient-dense, and natural Hemp Seeds.
Hemp seeds are an unexceptional source of plant based protein containing all 9 essential amino acids and healthy fats.

Not to your surprise, these seeds are a superfood that is shaping the way the world takes its protein. Are you wondering why to add it to your diet? Well, it’s simple: protein, Omega, fiber, and deliciously nutty taste, what else do you need?

Nowadays people are more inclined towards plant-based protein and these seeds being one, are the source of all 9 essential amino acids and even deliver more protein than chicken.

What are its health benefits?

  • Healer for your skin
  • Magical for your digestive system
  • Reduce the symptoms of PMS
  • Boosts Immunity


2. What are Hemp Hearts and how to add them to dishes?

Hearts of hemp seeds is the soft and chewy part inside the nutty flavored hemp seed.
Chewy | Versatile | Refined | Nutritious | Allergen-friendly

It is what it is named, that is the heart of hemp seeds, in other words, these are the white chewy inner part after the hard shell (hull) is removed. But, with this little change, it still functions like many seeds and nuts, without any worry of allergen risk.

No doubt, they can be a wonderful pantry staple, thanks to their extremely versatile nature, and can be mixed into sauces, dips, marinades, yogurts, or smoothies. On top of that, you can also add it to bake bread, muffins, and cookies, the way you love too!

It is perfect for all those diet-conscious people and aligns well with the needs of keto, paleo, and dairy-free diets. In essence, there are only a few superfoods that can equal hemp hearts' nutrition.

What are the health benefits of consuming Hemp Hearts?
  • Highly enriched with protein
  • Easy-to-digest protein with >90% digestibility
  • Healthy source of desirable polyunsaturated fats- Omega 3 and Omega 6

3. What is Hemp protein powder?

Grind | Pack | Magical Retreat 
Hemp Protein Powder is the safes, all-natural, sustainable plant based protein.

Hemp protein powder is the safest, all-natural, sustainable, Plant-based Protein Powder that is super-rich in fiber and protein content.

Tired of consuming costly and ineffective protein powders? Then, here is a choice you won’t regret! For all the gym-goers and health enthusiasts, either you can blend it into a smoothie or integrate it into ready-to-drink beverages, it is poised to give you a relaxing high that sheds away all your stress.

What are its health benefits?

  • 50 to 65% protein content that builds up muscle mass and helps in bulking.
  • 18% fiber by weight which makes it a must-source of fiber.
  • The ideal keto formulation for a healthy dose of keto
  • Well-suited for people who are lactose-intolerant and vegan


4. What is Hemp seed Oil?

Cold-pressed | Non-sticky |Anti-bacterial
Hemp Seed Oil is the pure nutty in taste, nutrients rich oil.

As you know oil is a significant ingredient in everything that you make, but are you using the one you should? The one that is low in cholesterol, free from chemicals, and safe for your health. If not, then hemp seed oil is an option made for you!

A pure, nutty-tasting, nutrient-rich oil that’s high in healthy fatty acids and antioxidants extracted without the use of any chemicals, hexane, or heat. All the diet-conscious people are being taken care of as it is perfect for vegetarian, Vegan, raw, whole-food, gluten-free diets.

Not only that, but they also contain protein and carbohydrates and are known for their well-known benefits. All these wonderful benefits are linked to the presence of linoleic and a-linolenic acids, two essential polyunsaturated fatty acids that are also good for your heart.

No wonder, Hemp Seed Oil has got to be the best, has a wide range of applications, and can be included in sauces, dips, marinades, and Salad dressings.

Overall, Hemp seed oil has linoleic and oleic acid which can not be produced by the skin naturally, but plays a crucial role in skin health and anti-aging.

What are the Health benefits linked to hemp seed oil?

  • Shed away Bad Cholesterol
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Omega-rich with an ideal ratio of omega 6/3
  • Source of GLAs and ALAs
  • No trans fat and low in Cholesterol
  • Healing properties for the skin

That’s how, we are spearheading and reimagining the role of hemp in our lives by Normalising, professionalizing, and Revolutionising its use. We are going green and Natural for good!

Cheers to Cannabis and hemp!