Whenever you make a dish out of the pumpkin, you must have scooped out all the seeds, and by the time you are done, there go all the seeds straight into the trash Can!

But this time, before you do that same thing, Hear us out! As what you may be thinking was Trash, is nothing less than a Storehouse of Nutrients, you can’t miss on!

These tiny, edible, nutty flavor seeds, hold way more nutrients than you think. Pumpkin seeds are super-heathy and rich in critical nutrients our bodies need despite being so tiny.

Even a handful of pumpkin seeds, either roasted or added to your favorite meal, can provide substantial amounts of healthy fats, Magnesium and Zinc.

Because it fulfills your need for essential nutrients, these little green gems are associated with crazy health benefits including improved health, fertility, protection against certain cancers, etc.

That’s not all, if you want to know more about what these seeds offer, we got you covered!

Here are the Top 8 Health Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds, that are supported and proven by science.

    1. Power-Packed With Antioxidants

Pumpkin seeds are rich in antioxidants like Vitamin E and carotenoids. Nutrients in pumpkin seeds are a must to protect you from diseases and make your immune system stronger.

Antioxidants also stimulate collagen that promotes wrinkle-free healthy skin, less prone to acne and aging.

Additionally, by scavenging free radicals, antioxidants help to defend the skin and shield it from sun damage.

So, if perfect skin is what you are looking for, then pumpkin seeds are well worth the spend!

    2. Your Weight-Loss Buddy

    Tried everything but still found it hard to loose those extra pounds, then pumpkin seeds can help you out in your weight loss journey.

    They are delicious without a doubt that is equally satiating and fulfilling for the stomach which makes you feel less hungry throughout the day.

    It can manage your cravings and boosts your metabolism, further enhancing your weight loss.

        3. Linked to Reducing the Risk of Cancer

      What is it in pumpkins, that can do such wonders? It is the plant compounds specific to pumpkin seeds that can protect against cancer growth.

      Some studies have proved that lignan in pumpkin seeds may play a key role in preventing and treating breast cancer.

      Furthermore, these seeds can be included in your diet, as they can help you prevent lung, breast, prostate, and colon cancer.

          4. Super-Rich in Magnesium 

        It is being shown that the majority of the world population, suffers from a deficiency of magnesium which increases the risk of heart disease and affects bone health.

        That’s where Nutrients in Pumpkin Seeds  can help you fulfill your daily need for Magnesium, and maintain your heart health.

            5. No more sleep issues!

          Each handful of pumpkin seeds can help you sleep better, now you must be wondering why? That’s because of the amino acid Tryptophan, which boosts the production of melatonin, a hormone that controls your sleep, thus resulting in better sleep.

               6. For a good heart

            Adding them to your meals helps you regulate blood pressure, streamline blood flow, and reduce the risk of heart disease.

            Further research on this, pointed out that pumpkin seeds increase nitric oxide generation, which expands vessels and sheds away any plaque growth in your arteries.

                 7. Diabetes, here is your cure!

              Insulin regulation is the key to diabetes management, and pumpkin seeds can do that for you.

              It is high in Magnesium, which is essential for controlling blood sugar levels, which affects diabetes positively.

                    8. Say Bye-bye to bad Digestion

                Are you tired of dealing with digestion issues? Pumpkin seeds are the answer!

                This healthy snack which is tasty too is extremely rich in fiber that promotes good digestive health and prevents constipation.