Hemp has been shown in a negative light for a long time and has been thought to have mind-altering effects. But, it is not what it is, Hemp, though not marijuana, is often associated with it, because it originates from the same plant Cannabis Sativa, the point to be noted here is, hemp is different in a way that it does not have any psychoactive substance such as THC which can alter your brain functioning. 

Thus, it’s time that we clear all the myths that surround this nutritional powerhouse and shed some positive light on all the phenomenal health benefits it can provide!

Hemp-safest, all-natural, plant-based protein and it's benefits!

That being said, now you know it’s a food that can be consumed easily and safely. Does that mean it is just another healthy food? No, that’s not what it is, but it is a superfood that has outstanding nutritional value. As a food, Hemp Collections is versatile and can be put to multiple uses.

Right from cold-pressed hemp seed oil, hemp whole seeds, and hemp protein powder to hulled hemp seeds, and chewy hemp hearts.

Now, the question arises, how can you integrate it into your diet? It is as easy as it gets, you can make chutney, bread, salad, smoothie, burger, and the list goes on!


Category of hemp products and the benefits they provide-

Hemp Seeds!

It is a fact that hemp seeds are the most nutritionally complete food source in the world, and are famously known as the “Vegan Superfood”.

These tiny seeds have a perfect balance of omega-3,6 and 9 fatty acids, the way the body needs. They are the only plant-based source of globular proteins, albumin, and edestin , which makes it an obvious choice for vegans and vegetarian people, an ingredient that is a must-to-have in their diet.


How to use Hemp Seeds for weight loss-

Just like hemp, hemp seeds are equally versatile and you can eat this for helping you with weight loss if you love nutty flavors and crunchy textures, then hemp seeds are made just for you!

They are easy to use, and can be ground coarsely into refreshing and nutritious chutneys that are rich in flavor and perfectly satiate your taste buds!

Not only that, they strike an excellent match to all those foodie nerves of you and can be sprinkled beautifully on cereals, salads, vegan yogurt, etc.

Biscuits such as Brownies and other baked goods can also be made out of it. You can also make soups, salads, pasta, snacks, and more.

With that being said, eat them raw or just sprinkle a drizzle in your diet, you can enjoy the subtle toasted flavor of these seeds.

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Hemp Hearts!

Whenever you de-shell whole hemp seeds, you get the greeny-beige kernels, often known as hemp hearts, that are soft and chewy but still slightly crunchy.

Just like chia and hemp seeds, hemp hearts pack a whole lot of nutrition in just a few tablespoons. They deserve to be among your favorites, as hemp hearts are loaded with Omega-3 fatty acids, which are not found in any other plant-based protein.

Listen up, Vegetarians, vegans, and mostly plant-based eaters contain 13 percent of recommended Iron content, nutrient also helps support strong bones, blood clotting, and a healthy immune system. It's the bundle of nutrients you never knew you needed.


How to eat Hemp Hearts-

Nowadays, hemp hearts are more than just a topper or add-in and can serve as the main ingredient in making any of these.

Let’s have a look at a few ways you can sprinkle hemp hearts into your diets!

  • In your smoothies, shakes, and salads  

Add raw hemp hearts to your smoothies, to give them a unique healthy twist, and get ready to receive an abundant nutritional value and super-creamy texture to whatever you are making.

ICYDK (Incase you don’t know )how to use it, try these Vegan hemp hearts recipes.

  • As a salad and dessert topper

Love the ever-so-slightly nutty and crunchy taste in your salads? Then, hemp hearts are a super nutritious topping for your go-to salads.

If you are someone who sprinkles chia seeds and granola to your yogurt, then why not hemp hearts to the mix? Add in the hemp hearts and savour the creamy texture it brings to your delectable dessert.

  • As a high-protein snack

Looking for a quick post-workout light snack, look no further. Hemp hearts can be your on-the-go snack for a burst of protein-powered energy, which can get you pumped up instantly.

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Hemp Seeds Oil

Tired of trying tons of remedies to cure your skin and dark spots? Then, give Hemp seed oil a chance, a choice you won’t regret.

Hemp seed oil is made just by cold-pressing hemp seeds, just like any other oil.


Let’s look at the one-by-one- Hemp seed oil benefits for the skin!

  • Moisturizer for all skin types

Hemp seed oil is known to be moderating oil production in the skin and moisturize it without clogging your pores, and balancing out oily skin.

  • Soothe Inflammation

Chronic acne is painful, and more so if they are aggravated, therefore causing severe irritation and inflammation.

So, to give you much-needed relief, Hemp seed oil has an omega-6 fatty acid, that acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory substance, that encourages skin growth and new cell generation.

  • Magical Anti-aging properties

Applying it to the skin protects it from damage caused by free radicals and can reduce the signs of aging, such as fine lines and wrinkles.


Can you take hemp seed oil orally?

Ingesting hemp seed oil orally provides the same skin benefits as using the oil topically. Plus, if you take it this way, there is less risk of skin irritation and breakouts.

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Hemp Protein Powder!

Since people started to be conscious about their diets, protein became the talk of the town and so did the protein powders. But are they healthy and natural? No right, That’s where the hemp protein powder came in!

Hemp protein powder is a complete plant-based protein that is easily digestible and gut-friendly.


Hemp Protein Powder Benefits-

Hemp protein powder is packed with nutrition, and is immensely beneficial for your body because of its wide range of benefits that includes-

  • Boosts Immunity and improves heart health
  • Its high fiber content eases it Cleansing the colon 
  • Balance sugar cravings

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How to take Hemp Protein Powder?

Just make a smoothie out of this protein powder and give your day a great start. If you are craving something to munch, then why not try brownies, protein bars, and muffins made from this hemp protein powder?

Not just that, You can also bake your cake, and bread or it just takes 15 minutes or so to prepare ready-to-serve oatmeal that keeps you full for hours!


NOW is the perfect time to adopt hemp as part of your lifestyle and improve your health, happiness, and comfort, to make your life better than it has ever been!