Organic Green tea has turned out to be quite a popular beverage around the world and this trend is not going anywhere, anytime soon. It is a super-refreshing drink, having a mild-soothing effect on your senses, hence, relaxing the tired muscles.

But, How much do you know what’s there in your cup in these Healthy Green Tea Bags? Never seem to observe right?

Fret not, we got you covered on everything you ever wanted to know about this herbal Green Tea, Right from its possible health benefits to how this popular drink can help complement a healthy diet and lifestyle.

So, without further delay.

Let’s dive straight into this article!


Why Green Tea is good for you?

Fresh Green Tea leaves don’t just taste good, it also has several health benefits. Here, are 6 great reasons why you shouldn’t miss out on this wonderful drink if you want to rejuvenate your mind and body naturally!

  • Helps you reduce weight

First thing first, Herbal Green Tea is packed with a nutritional punch, that accelerates your metabolic rate and even helps your body kick fat-burning into high gear, making it easier to lose weight
Hence, it’s time to say bye-bye to that stubborn belly fat, that was troubling you all along, all you need to seep a cup of green tea, moderate exercise, and a healthy diet, to give yourself a slim figure in no time.

  • Gives you a much-needed detox!

Green tea Antioxidants are the natural cleaner for your body, as it flushes down and throughout all the toxins from your body.

As it is 99.5% water, waking up to a cup of green tea, is a great way to meet your daily requirement of fluid intake, thus helping you stay hydrated.

  • Protects against certain types of Cancers

One of the main causes of cancer is the occurrence of free radicles all around you, and this polyphenol-rich helps fight this free radicle, thereby protecting your DNA from damage.

Research pointed out that it reduces the risk of breast cancer by 15%, and makes you 30-40% less susceptible to Colorectal cancer.

  • Stimulate Brain Function

Good quality Green tea has natural stimulants in it, including a moderate amount of Caffeine, which enhances your alertness and focus, making you ready to give your 100% to the day.

  • May support blood sugar control

Studies suggest, that green tea may improve insulin sensitivity which makes you regulate glucose levels and prevents high insulin spikes and dramatic changes in blood sugar.

  • It helps to give you a better breath

Breath has the power, to make or break your day, and bad breath just ruins it all together. According to a study, green tea kills those microbes that are responsible for bad breath.

Now, no need to stuff any mints, and chewing gums in all those pockets, cause green tea can do that for you before you even know it. Got a date lined up? get sipping that green goodness.

A healthy Cup of GREEN TEA is all you need, to Reenergize, Reset, Relax, and rejuvenate. It’s not just tea, it’s a therapy-One Sip at a time! Alright, I am gonna have my tea now, You can have yours, Cheers!