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Tropical Blush Green Tea

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Tropical Blush with Calendula and green tea as the base, has an earthy flavor with a slight note of bitterness that weaves its way through to create an interesting taste with succulent pineapple bits overpowering it with sweetness and balance.



1. PEACEMAKER IN THE BODY : Green tea may help reduce anxiety, boost memory and attention, and increase overall brain function.

2. SKIN BENEFITS : It’s antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties may assist in treating and easing skin irritations and promote healthy, youthful-looking skin.

3. ANTISEPTIC, HEALING SPRAY : The healing properties of Calendula may be useful for wounds, inflammations of the skin and mouth and sunburns.

4. MENSTRUATION REGULATOR : Calendula tea may help regulate the menstrual cycle but because of its ability to induce menstruation, don’t take calendula tea internally while pregnant.