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Darjeeling Second Flush Black Loose Leaf Tea - 35 gm

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    This tea with a character gains its unique flavor from the process of making. A rich note of musky spiciness with sweet nectar undertones is the after taste that will linger long on the palate.



    1. Darjeeling second flush tea contains caffeine that may help boost your metabolism and discomfort to your stomach from indigestion.

    2. By drinking a cup of this tea after your meal it may help reduce heartburn.

    3. Black tea also destroys or suppresses growth and acid production of cavity-causing bacteria.

    4. Theaflavins and thearubigins are potentially good for keeping the arteries free of fat, therefore, promoting good heart health.

    5. The Darjeeling Tea has Theanine which may aid in strengthening the immune system and helps enhance the body's response to fight infections.