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Panacea Herbal Loose Leaf Tea - Kadha Tea - 50 gm

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Panacea, the goddess of healing by way of curative medicine in Greek mythology is said to carry a magic potion, which she used to heal people with any illness. Always affording comfort, calmness, and consolation. 



1. PERFECT COMPANION : This gentle tea blend is the perfect companion for a sick day, as it may help ease the aches and discomfort associated with seasonal illnesses.

2. NOURISHMENT : Help your body fight off bacteria and viruses, while also nourishing your immune system.

3. THE HEALING : Their healing properties have been found useful for wounds, inflammations of the skin and mouth and sunburns.

4. FEMININE HEALTH : Having strong anti-inflammatory properties, Panacea tea is a go to remedy for PMS to treating UTIs, also believed to have health and anti-ageing properties.