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Chili Chai Black Tea

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Spicy black tea blend with piquant chili flakes is as appetizing and odoriferous, it is sure to make your heart sing and your feet dance. A hot cup of spicy chili chai is a warming relief on days when you are feeling under the weather.



1. IMPROVES BLOOD CIRCULATION : Spices including chili are fantastic for improving blood circulation, aiding in hypertension (high blood pressure) and respiratory problems. 

2. DETOX AID : The warming effects of the chili promote quick and efficient cleansing of the bloodstream, pushing toxins out before they cause damage.

3. BUILDS IMMUNITY : Chili has been used throughout human history to build immunity, fight colds, soothe ulcers, and help to detoxify the body. 

4. AID IN WEIGHT LOSS : Consuming capsaicin (an active component of chili peppers) could fight obesity by increasing your calorie-burning rate and promoting the breakdown of fat.