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Lapsang Souchong Black Tea – Loose Leaf Tea – 35 Gm


Traveled all the way from the Wuyi Region, in Fujian Province, China, this black tea has a distinctive smoked aroma of exotic pinewood, incense and fire place that will calm your mind.



Ingredients: Smoked Black Tea

Available In: Loose Tea

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Unlike other types of tea that are made from young tea leaves and buds, Lapsang souchong is made from the mature leaves of Camellia sinensis, traditionally smoke-dried over pinewood fire which contributes to its distinct smoky aroma. Thanks to the Qing era for this aesthetic pleasure that opened doors to a whole new world of tea tasting and people’s liking for it. It was once selected as the royal black tea by the then Royal England and thus prevailed the famous ‘afternoon tea’.

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