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Handmade Green Tea – Loose Leaf Tea – 35 Gm


Pure, handmade whole leaf green tea is a state of comfort with very mild astringency in taste and is a good detoxifier when consumed regularly.



Ingredients: Pure handmade Green Tea leaves.

Available In: Loose Tea


There is a story behind every tea that reaches to your cup. Green Handmade tea is made from delicate tea buds, hand plucked from selected tea gardens. The tender tea buds are then gently hand rolled by skilled hands with utmost precision and care. The natural flavor of tea is retained with unique floral fragrance and the early morning mountain mist. Handmade Green Tea is a pure as the fresh breeze in the mountains, which means there are no added flavors. Harvesting method, climate and the soil in which tea is growing highly impacts the flavor of tea.

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