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Darjeeling White Tea – Loose Leaf Tea – 35 Gm


Known for its calming and cleansing properties, this Intensely aromatic with notes of honey this brew is light and elegant and a specialty to Darjeeling.


Ingredients: Darjeeling White Tea Leaves

Available In: Loose Tea

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White tea leaves as a rarity and luxury in Darjeeling, spring buds are plucked in the first days of the flush and is known for its floral fragrance. The finest quality white tea, is made only from unopened buds and gets its name from the fine silvery white hairs on the buds. Although the origin of white tea is debatable, this story is about a woman immortal or goddess who lived in a cave on mountains discovered the original Da Bai Hao bush (white Tea) on the mountain. She used the tea to cure the fever of the local children that were dying of a disease that was similar to measles or chickenpox.

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