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Darjeeling Second Flush Black Tea – Loose Leaf Tea – 35 Gm


This tea with a character gains its unique flavor from the process of making. A rich note of musky spiciness with sweet nectar undertones is the after taste that will linger long on the palate.



Ingredients: Darjeeling Second Flush Black Tea Leaves

Available In: Loose Tea

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The Second flush is the is the second plucking generally occurs in late April, May, and June. Teas produced in this season are of excellent quality, with small darker brown leaves, stronger in flavor. It is characterized by the alluring purplish bloom and a shimmering velvety feel and an essence of dew drops fallen from heaven, mature and a mellow brew. Sometimes preferred over First Flush teas by lovers for it’s whole hearty and full-bodied tea. Fragrant and rich, notes of honey along with muscatel grape hints are often found in the flavor.

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