Halim Super Seeds: Boosts Immunity & Metabolism Naturally


People love super seeds because they are incredibly good for our health. There are all sorts of super seeds, from chia seeds and pumpkin seeds to nuts and flax seeds. They are packed with nutrients and help keep our bodies healthy.

Halim seeds are a great source of nutrients like calcium, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, protein, iron, folic acid and dietary fibre. Protein in Halim seeds helps reduce hunger and ghrelin hormone makes sure you don’t overeat. This can help with weight loss. Adding Halim seeds to your salads is a great way to stay and feel fuller than usual.

On the other hand, Halim seeds have a high fibre content, which means they take longer to digest and will stay in your system for a while. This means you’re less likely to binge on other fattening foods.

These wonderful seeds are also called garden cress seeds in English and are popularly known as Aliv seeds in Maharashtra.

Here are the reasons why you must include these seeds in your daily diet:

1. Help treat Anaemia:

Halim seeds are a great source of iron, which helps in the growth of red blood cells and improves haemoglobin levels. They can be super beneficial for people with anaemia. One tablespoon of Halim seeds has 12 mg of iron.


 2. Acts a Galactagogue – Increases Breast Milk Production:

Halim seeds are a great source of iron and protein and have been shown to have powerful galactagogue properties. This means they help increase breast milk production. Mothers who are lactating should eat these seeds every day.

You can mix them with ladoos made from nuts and gond for nursing mothers.


3. Regulates Menstrual Cycle:

Eating Halim seeds can help regulate hormones and normalize irregular menstrual cycles. This is because the phytochemicals in the seeds mimic estrogenic hormone. Having a healthy and regular menstrual cycle is crucial for a woman's overall health, so eating Halim seeds can be a great way to achieve that.


4. Excellent for Weight Loss:

Halim seeds are a great source of protein and fibre, which helps keep you feeling full for longer. When you eat them, you won’t have to worry about getting hungry often or overeating. Seeds are a good source of protein for people who are trying to lose weight, as it helps maintain muscle mass.


5. Helps Boost Immunity:

The antioxidants, vitamin C, A, E and folic acid present in the seeds are great for boosting immunity, which in turn helps protect us from various infections and diseases. The antimicrobial properties of the seeds help prevent various infections like cold, fever and sore throat.



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